Movie name:-Total Rekall
Theater Watched:-J-max 70mm
Story:-Welcome to the future, where the world is split into two sections — The United Federation of Britain and The Colony — which are on opposite ends of the planet. Farrell’s Doug Quaid is a factory worker living in the UFB.  For Doug, things aren’t quite right. Like so many people in his world, in ours and probably in others in galaxies far, far away, he’s not happy with his life.  Time for a visit to Rekall, where they can plant a terrific memory in your head, so real that you’ll believe it is. What actually happens for Doug is that the procedure shakes something loose, and he comes to learn he’s literally not the man he thought he was.  And there are lots of people who want to kill him.

Plus Points :
+background score
+production values
-editing could have been better
Punchline:-If u are into watch a sci-fi thriller then Rekall serves u more.....
                                                                                                                                              Reviewed By Akki..!


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