Cast: Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, Prakash Raj, Ahuthi Prasad, Jayasudha, Samantha, Anjali
Director: Shrikanth Addala
Music Director: Mickey J Meyar
Producer: SVSC Raju



Superstar Mahesh Babu, Victory Venkatesh starrer 'Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu' going for a grand release tomorrow across the world. SVSC is one and only biggest Multi starrer film after 25 years long. Kotta Bangaru Lokam fame Shrikanth Addala shaped this film and Successful producer Raju produced this cinema under Sri Venkateshwara Creations banner. We have a special show, So we are presenting an Exclusive review on 'Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu'. Let us see how the movie is.


Prakash Raj and Jayasudha are parents of Chinnodu (Mahesh Babu) and Peddodu (Venkatesh). The family lives in a small village 'Relangi'. Prakash Raj gives much importance to human values. Peddodu is with Persistent nature and Chinnodu with Mingling nature. Samantha as 'Geetha', daughter of Rao Ramesh and Anjali as 'Seetha'. Rangasetti's family is fully happy with their bond relation. After their sister Abhinaya's marriage, Due to misunderstandings, The distance occurs in Chinnodu and Peddodu's bond relationship.
        In an accident, Chinnodu and Peddodu saves the people. This insident brought together both brothers. How the family issues will solves and what's the message is the remaining story.


Mahesh Babu: After Athadu, Mahesh Babu seen in Classical appearance in SVSC. Really, Mahesh Babu involved in 'Chinnodu' character. He is the only person suitable for this character. He given outstanding classical performance in this film.

Venkatesh: We all know, Victory Venkatesh already have many family movies and class background. Still now he is acted in 67 movies. He did more family movies than action movies. After Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule, SVSC is his complete classical film. As usually, Venkatesh given his best performance in this cinema.

Prakash Raj: We all know, He is suitable and can act for any kind of role. Instead of his other movies, Prakash Raj had very important role in this film and he justified his character with fantastic classical performance.

Samantha: She don't know telugu well and she is not telugu wala. But, She gives outstanding performance to all audience. Till now, She did 6 movies in Telugu including SVSC. It is the first class film for her. She given excellent performance as a family girl.

Anjali: She is telugu wala, But went to Kollywood. Anjali got bumber debut chance with SVSC. As a family lady, She given excellent classical performance.


  • Prakash Raj - Jayasudha as parents. They are major asset to the film.
  • Mahesh Bahu - Venkatesh, Both given outstanding performance in this film. Really, They are looking like Real brothers in this film. Their brother bonding attracts every one.
  • For the second time, Samantha paired up with Mahesh in this film. 'Geetha' looks Gorgeous in the film.
  • Anjali as 'Seetha', She given fantastic classical performance in this movie.
  • Kota Srinivasarao, Ahuthi Prasad and others are justified their characters with nice performance.
  • In the overall film, Comedy worked very well.
  • Dialogues are written with more care. Sirivennela Sita Rama Shastri and Sri Ram Chandra's songs lyrics are simply superb.
  • Ultimate Emotional scenes worked well without bothering. 
  • Mickey J Meyar's music is a great feel for audience. Manisharma BGM's worked fine. 
  • Songs picturized ultimately. Specially 'Meghallo Sannayi..', 'Maree Anthaga..', and 'Yem Cheddam' songs are came out very well. Remaining songs also cameout well. 'Inka Cheppale' song attracts prince fans well.
  • We'll definitely vicious to the heart touching incidents.
  • Railway station scenes came out very well.
  • Even though, It is the second film for Shrikanth Addala, He executed the story very well. The complete credit goes to 'Shrikanth Addala'. Shrikanth greatly handled both Mahesh & Venkatesh's characters with much care. This type of handling is not easy. With this clean film, Undoubtedly, Shrikanth will get a good name.


  • Second half is little amount slow when compared to first half.
  • Except this, There is nothing minus point in this film!


As usually, K.V. Guhan's cinematography is nice. Songs picturisation is very well. Mostly, 'Meghallo..', 'Mari Anthaga' songs are very well. 'Vaana Chinukulu' song picturisation is good in Kerala. Mickey J Meyar's given one of the best music in his career.
           Director Shrikanth Addala written an extrordinary script and executed ultimately. Once Again, Dil raju proved himself as a Successful producer. This film will gives more credit to his banner.


Simply SVSC is 'A Perfect and Extrordinary Gift for this Sankranthi'. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is a film with sentiment, comedy, meaning. Everyone must watch this film along with family. Don't miss this film.


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