Cast: Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah, Samrat Chakrabarthi, Shekar and Others
Director: Kamal Hassan
Music Director: Shankar Ehsan Lay
Producer: Kamal Hassan


RATING: 3.25/5


Creative actor/director Kamal Hassan's magnum opus Vishwaroopam is going to hit the silver screens tomorrow across the world. The film is directed and produced by Dr.Kamal Hassan under PVP media banner. We have a special show, So we are presenting an Exclusive review on 'Vishwaroopam'. Let us see how the movie is.


The story revolves around two countries USA and Afghanisthan. Vishwanath (Kamal Hassan) is a classical dance teacher in new york. Kamal's wife Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) suspects Vishwanath and she consults her boss Deepak, a detective agent to know the secret. In this process, The detective agent knows a shocking secret that Vishwanath is not a hindu and he is a muslim! Also, The detector knows some shocking news about contacts between Kamal and Terrorists.
          Who is Vishwanath? He is a good guy or bad guy?  is the rest of the story.


  • First of all, Hat's off to Kamal Hassan for the experiment. No other actor/director can do such type of films.
  • Andrea Jeremiah is ok. Actress Pooja Kumar done a comedy role in this film. Her character is used in the entire film.
  • The first 20 minutes of the film is used to introduce the characters. After, Comedy track enters.
  • As usually, Kamal Hassan's outstanding performance. He is acted in 2 shades in thsi film. One is dance master shade, Very funny and the other is serious Muslim character.
  • Rahul Bose given excellent performance. 
  • Amy attacks Interval bang is major highlight to the film.
  • Showing of Flash back scenes in a new way. 
  • Second half of the film is moved fast then first half.
  • Shankar's music is good. Especially BGM's are good.
  • Vishwanadh's comedy worked fine.
  • Screenplay is excellent in the second half.


  • Dubbing works should have been better. Word to word dubbing not matched for characters. Especially, dubbing works are bad for Rahul Bose.
  • Some times, The film is quite and slow.
  • Less entertainment
  • Kamal succeed in directing such technical film. But he should speed up the film.
  • The audience will dissatisfies, Who goes with high expectations.


Finally, Vishwaroopam is an outstanding technical thriller from Kamal Hassan. But, Very slow pace in narration. The film is most likely for Multiplex and A centers only. Don't go with high expectations. Go and Watch the film! It is a worth watch!