Young Tiger NTR's Baadshah is gearing up for a grand audio release on March 10th. The film had NTR, Kajal, Navdeep, Mukesh Rushi and others are playing the lead roles. The film is being directed by Srinu Vytla and produced by Bandla Ganesh under Parameswara Art Productions. Here, We are presenting Baadshah movie story as per Today's World sources and don't believe that it is the exact story.


Navdeep, Son of a mafia leader Mukesh Rushi, falls in love with Kajal. He asks NTR, a contract killer and mafia guy to keep a look on her. Kajal decides lo leave Spain and wants to go to India. Navdeep also tries to move with her, but is caught with the customs at airport . So he asks NTR to keep a watch on her.
         After leaving Spain, Kajal comes to India, her long time one side lover Ajay tires and he wants to throw acid on her, NTR saves her. So she becomes close to NTR and he leaves in Kajal house. But knowing how cruel Ajay reacts when Kajal is getting married? She admires NTR, but wants to stick to parents Word. Kajal parents finds Siddarth. Meanwhile NTR feelings for Kajal increase and he also falls in love with her. How to make Kajal father understand their love is remaining story. Navdeep and his buddies enters, as he comes to know about NTR-Kajal marriage and also comes to know NTR is responsible for his capture at airport and for their Mafia downfall. After, NTR cop and the film heads to Climax. NTR kills Navdeep. Story ends.

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