From the past 30 years, Despite the Narration, story and meaning, More films are coming to entertain the mass audience with Item songs. Gradually, Now a days, This situation is becoming worst with high nudity.

There is a big damage for indian culture through item songs. Directors and producers are misusing Cinemas with extra spice, nudity and cleavage shows with item songs. Also, This type of songs are inconvenient to classical audience.
          Now, The censor board taken a good decision. The film, which is having item song in the movie will be censored with 'A' (Adults). And also, The item songs will be deleted in TV shows.
     However, For Mass audience, These item songs are available in DVD's and Youtube.
Mirchi is the first film!
Recently, Prabhas's MIRCHI censored with 'U/A' (Unrestricted Public Exhibition under Parental Guidence). But, Immediately the film is re-censored with 'A' certificate due to having an item song in the film.

Punch Line:
So, Finally, It is a bad news for Mass audience and good news for family audience!