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  • Updated at 11:37 AM: Climax. Review will soon folks.
  • Updated at 11:30 AM: Nara Rohith-Sai kumar gang fights now..Movie is heading towards climax..
  • Updated at 11:23 AM: Nagababu big fights now..
  • Updated at 11:16 AM: Seethakoka Chiluka song now..!
  • Updated at 11:00 AM: Flash Back tragedy sequences now..
  • Updated at 10:46 AM: Big Forest fight..Quite good.
  • Updated at 10:42 AM: Brahmi makes a rocking entry as investigative reporter Sodhan.
  • Updated at 10:35 AM: Interval. Interesting twist.
  • Updated at 10:30 AM: Unexpected twist..
  • Updated at 10:26 AM: 3 songs completed out of 5 songs!
  • Updated at 10:22 AM: 'Hola Hola..' song started...Beautiful locations..Cool atmosphere..
  • Updated at 10:07 AM: Nara Rohith assuming the role of a vigilent, Who punishes the bad guys.
  • Updated at 10:04 AM: A good feel from the song Dola Dola..Simply..Beautiful..
  • Updated at 10:00 AM: Dola Dola song now..
  • Updated at 9:52 AM: Rohith name is Surya. Ali entered as thief. Routine sequences till now, Nothing special.
  • Updated at 9:48 AM: Nithya Menon looking cute.
  • Updated at 9:44 AM'Hey Po..Chirugaalee..Vellipo..'Song started.
  • Updated at 9:42 AM: M.S. Narayana and Nagababu entered in Vizag city.
  • Updated at 9:39 AM: Nara Rohith entered with a violent fight as a sniper.
  • Updated at 9:34 AM: Nithy Menon, an NRI entered as Sai Kumar's father.
  • Updated at 9:30 AM: Hello Guys, We are bringing you Nara Rohith and Nithya Menon starrer Okkadine film live updates.
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