Hai Friends, Check out the Exclusive Live updates of Ram's ongole Gittha released today, Movie is directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, Ram and Krithi Kribinda are the main leads  of the movie, Movie is released today 

  • Movie Started
  • Prabhu Inntroduced on Screen by Saving his Song Ram
  • Abhimanyu Singh Introduced
  • Movie Went to 2001, Flashback mode
  • Prakash Raj as Adikesavulu, he is president of Mirchi market yard
  • Ram as Mirchi Yard businessman Name is "White",  
  • Ram Introduction Fight Coming
  • "Yerra Mirapa"  Song Started Followed by Fight
  • Ahuti Prasad As Local MLA
  • Heroin Krithi Kribinda as Sandhya, Looking Beautifull in Half Saree
  • Prakash Raj Blurred Nude Scene Flashed by
  • "Raa Chilakaa" Romantoc Song With Ram and Krithi Kribinda started
  • "Raghubabu" Entered onto screen, Making Some Laughs
  • "Prabhu" and "Ram" Flashback Secret is revealed
  • Another Fight  at Temple, Picturized naturally
  • Ram's original name is "Dhorababu 
  • Father and And Son Sentiment scenes are picturized well
  • Lip Kiss Scene Between Ram and Krithi followed by "Ye Pilla" Song
  • Story shifted to Ram's Home Town  "Thikavara Palli", With hiliarious People
  • Silk Smitha Bit Song is playing now, Fight at sugarcane field
  • Interval block, "Ram" reuniting with his dad and both dancing to mass beat , Nice to See
Till now Movie is good with Engergitic Performance of Ram and Songs are good, Prakash Raj Acting is Highlight

  • Movie Started in Flash Back Mode
  • Jayaprakash Reddy As Father of Prakash Raj 
  • Prabhu is seen as Chairman of  Mirchi Yard
  • Prakash Raj Blurred nude scene is irritating on screen
  • Movie is now in Revenge mode. Prakash Raj is trying to steal Prabhu's Chair, Making Some Plans
  • Movie Came to Present mode
  • "Mama Maraju" Started with the Energitic Dances of Ram, Huge Responce from Crowds
  • "Raghu Babu" Bringing Some laughs
  • Movie Sticked to Scenes, Excess of Tamil flavous can be seen
  • Ali funny enterance as a Bad guy
  • Ram is Acting as Drunken person and Krithi Performances are so natural
  • Krithi Started liking Ram Slowly
  • "Chalu Challe" Song started with Raocking Dances of Ram and Krithi Kribinda's Sexy Expressions
  • Prakash Raj Gives a Jhalak to Ram, Movie changed to New mode now.
  • Film is Moving towards Climax
  • All Important Scanes in the movie are unfolding one by one
  • Cheap Planning of Prakash raj to Capture Mirchi Yard
  • Climax Fight In Mirchi Yard.. Movie Ended...   
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