Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Remya Nambeeshan
Director: Karthik Subbaraju
Music Director: Santhosh Narayan
Producer: Suresh Kondeti


Pizza is a big hit in Kollywood, Now dubbed in Telugu and released today. Karthik Subbaraju directed this film and Suresh Kondeti produced this film. The film is all set for a grand release on February 15th. We have a special premier show at Prasad Labs. So, We are presenting this review today. Let us read on the review to know how the movie is!


Mike / Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) is a middle class pizza delivery boy, lives along with his girlfriend Anu (Remya Nambeesan), A wannabe novelist who is deeply interested in ghosts and similar such other stuff. Later, Anu gets pregnant.
                    After grabbing this news, Mike comes face to face with his Boss’s daughter who is an bad soul named Nithya. Michael disturbs a lot and he goes out to deliver the pizza. He doesn't guess that His life is turning very bad.
       Some scary things happens in Smitha Bungalow. What does Michael encounter there? How he faces the problems? Forms the remaining story.


  • Pizza is One of the best thriller and in recent times.
  • Vijay given excellent realistic performance as Mike. Remya is ok.
  • Debutante Karthik Subbaraju completely succeed in directing Pizza.
  • Dialogues are ok.
  • 30 minutes, Before and After interval, The film can rival some of the best horror thrillers out there.
  • Climax sequences executed brilliantly.
  • Santhosh Narayan given outstanding BGM's.


  • Remya's make up could have been batter. This type of makeup will not attracts Telugu audience.
  • Music is big negative aspect to the film.
  • No comedy and masala sequences in the film.


  • Gopi Amarnath's Brilliant screenplay.
  • Editing is excellent.
  • Karthik Subbaraju worked with superb effort on Pizza.


If you are a horror thriller, Pizza is very tasty. If you want Entertainment, skip the film. Don't miss the film if you are a horror thriller.

RATING: 3.75/5