Cast: Karthi, Anushka
Release Date: 22/03/2013
Director: Suraj
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Jnanavel Raja


After Shakuni, Karthi again came with another Tamil dubbed film Bad Boy, Which is Telugu version of Tamil film Alex Pandian. Suraj directed this film and Jnanavel Raja produced this film. Devi Sri Prasad scored music for this film. Anushka acted opposite to Karthi in this film. Let us read on to know how the film is!


Alex Pandu (Karthi) is a mass guy. Alvin Martin makes some medicines and buys in city. But, US FDI refuses these medicines due to the dangerous effect. So, Health Minister refuses permission to Alvin Martin (Milindh Soman).
         Alvin Martin (Milindh Soman), Dr.GMK (Suman) and Swamiji (Mahadevan) gives a contract to Alex Pandu, to kidnap Health Minister's daughter, Anushka. But, Pandu saves Anushka, After knowing why they are ordered to kidnap her.
        How Pandu saves Anushka is the rest of the story.


  • Karthi and Anushka, Both are ultra glamorous in the film.
  • Comedy
  • Some double meaning punches.
  • Devi Sri Prasad's BGM's.


  • Once again, Karthi tested his luckiness. He is another Prabhas for Tollywood :) He too don't know how to select the film.
  • More fights.
  • The film is best example to tell "How to direct a BAD mass film"!


  • Sharavanan's Cinematography is brilliant.
  • Editing could have been better.
  • Music
  • Suraj's direction and Screenplay.


One time watch for Comedy and Karthi's action. Except these two things, Nothing good in the film!

RATING: 2.5/5

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