Cast: Nikhil, Swathi
Theatrical Release Date: 23/03/2013
Director: Sudheer Varma
Producer: Chigurupathi Chakri
Music Director: Sunny


After tasting a disaster with Disco, Nikhil paired up with Swathi for a suspence thriller 'Swamy Ra Ra' under Sudheer Varma's direction. Chigurupati Chakri produced this film and Sunny composed music for this film. Let us read on to know how the film is!


The film starts with the robbery of glorious Ganesh idol in a small village named "Thiruvananthapuram". The great Ganesh idol regularly transfers from one hand to another. Finally, Gangsters involves to stole the idol.
          Surya (Nikhil) is a small thief, Who lives along with another 3 friends. They stoles for living. One day, Unexpectedly, Surya meets Swathi (Swathi), A Journalist. Later, They become friends. Unfortunately, The idol enters into Swathi's handbag. After knowing this, Gangster (Ravibabu) follows Surya and Swathi.
     How Surya and Swathi escapes from this issue? What happens to the idol? forms the rest of the story.


  • As a debutante, Director Sudheer Varma completely succeed in directing the film. He written a fresh and good script. The entire film moved quickly with equal speed without breakdowns.
  • Nikhil looking more handsome than his other films. His action as a thief is quite good. He himself proved as "Director's actor" with this film. His body language, Dialogue delivery and Look in screenplay are awesome.
  • As usually, Swathi given good peppy performance as a classical journalist.
  • The film definitely gives a special freshness to the audience.
  • Ravi Babu given well performance as a Gangster. It is an easiest character for Ravi Babu.
  • Tamil actor Jeeva and Pooja Kumar (Pizza fame)'s guest roles are good.


  • Title justified correctly. But, If any one goes with expecting commercial elements will disappoints.
  • Comedy lacked in the second half. It gives a big negative shade to the film.
  • Music except Title track.


  • Richard Prasad's cinematography is outstanding and unbelievable.
  • Visuals of the entire film are highly stylish and simply superb.
  • Sunny's Back ground Music given a special freshness to the film.
  • Swami Ra Ra is a brilliant film in Technical field.
  • Undoubtedly, Sudheer Varma narrated and executed the film excellently.


Swami Ra Ra is a decent flick with completely different script. It is a must watch for the audience, Who likes the freshness. A one time watch for all audience.

RATING: 3.5/5

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