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  • VERDICT: Climax! 2nd half is brilliant..good comedy & fast narration make it very entertaining.. Overall, 100% entertainment..NTR fans rejoice.

  • Updated at 6:45 PM: Movie completed. It's a happy ending. Review will soon folks.
  • Updated at 6:38 PM: Gigantic fight now. The film heads towards climax.
  • Updated at 6:30 PM: Brahmanandam receives some unexpected shocks. Excellent comedy bit. Rangoli Rangoli song now..Song looks well visually..NTR is highly energetic..
  • Updated at 6:24 PM: Medley of some Super hit songs of Sr.NTR. Jr.NTR dancing like Sr.NTR. Terrific one.
  • Updated at 6:18 PM: Actor Siddarth makes an entry..A small character..But crucial one..
  • Updated at 6:12 PM: Massive fight between NTR and Ashish Vidyardhi's gang. Welcome Kanakam song now..
  • Updated at 6:08 PM: Brahmanandam's comedy at peaks now. 
  • Updated at 6:02 PM: NTR Justice Chowdary getup is magnificant. Resemblance to Sr NTR in this getup is shocking.
  • Updated at 5:55 PM: NTR's Dialogue delivery and Look are changed. We are not having permission to reveal more. Jayaprakash Reddy makes an entry. Movie pace is fast.
  • Updated at 5:46 PM: Suhasini makes an entry as NTR's mother. Thagubothu Ramesh and Chandramouli are introduced. NTR and Brahmanandam scenes are very funny.
  • Updated at 5:38 PM: Comedy king Brahmanandam introduced as Padmanabha Simha. Movie shifted to India. Nasar introduced as Jai Krishna Simha, A Police commissioner. Brahmanandam's comedy is hilarious. His expressions are very funny.
  • Updated at 5:32 PM: Banthipoola Janaki song now..Excellent choreography and cinematography..
  • Updated at 5:25 PM: Navdeep's acting skills are good. One of the senior character was eliminated from the story.
  • FIRST HALF REPORT: First half is fully entertaining with Stylish action. NTR-Kajal episodes in Italy are entertaining. MS Narayana and Vennela Kishore's comedy tracks are good. We are not updated the most important and crucial updates of Baadshah. So, Don't worry!
  • Updated at 5:10 PM: Huge fight between NTR and Pradee Rawat's gang at Harbor. Interval.
  • Updated at 5:08 PM: Kelly Dorji introduced as Sadhu Bhai..Baadshah title song now..
  • Updated at 4:57 PM: Nagababu and Shayaji Shinde makes are introduced as Police officers.
  • Updated at 4:55 PM: Pradeep Rawat makes an entry Don Violent Victor of Hong Kong.
  • Updated at 4:48 PM: Navdeep makes an entry as a Police officer.
  • Updated at 4:40 PM: Diamond girl song now. NTR looking glamorous and Kajal Agarwal is gorgeous. Stylish look ever.
  • Updated at 4:30 PM: NTR-Kajal romantic track running now. Her peppy dialogues about "Banthi Philosophy" are good!
  • Updated at 4:25 PM: MS Narayana makes a humorous entry as Revenge Nageswara Rao, A director with Ram Gopal Varma shades.
  • Updated at 4:20 PM: Mahesh Babu's voice over for Mafia and Kajal's entry.
  • Updated at 4:14 PM: Vennela kishore makes a funny entry. Bhai's character revealed. Not shown.
  • Updated at 4:08 PM: Sairo Sairo song started. NTR looking very cool and energetic.
  • Updated at 4:05 PM: Kajal Agarwal makes an entry with "Banthi Philosophy". Thanikella Bharani as Kajal's babai. Ashish Vidyardhi has come in as Crazy Robert...
  • Updated at 3:58 PM: Jr.NTR makes a rocking entry in Aluminium factory. Very cool as Baadshah. Mukesh Rushi as Ranjan, NTR's father.
  • Updated at 3:55 PM: Srinu Vytla voice over. Titles rolling started. "Special Thanks to Superstar Mahesh Babu for Voice over!"
  • Updated at 3:50 PM: Show just began.
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