Cast: Naga Chaithanya, Sunil, Thamanna, Andrea
Release Date: 10/05/2013
Director: Kishore Kumar
Music Director: SS Thaman
Producer: Bellamkonda Ganesh
Naga Chaithanya, Sunil multistarrer Thadaka has grandly released today across the world. It is an official remake of Tamil film Vettai. Thadaka has directed by Kishore Kumar, KIKK fame drector and produced by Bellamkonda Ganesh. Thamanna and Andrea acted as Female lead roles in the movie. Let us read on to know how the movie is..!
Karthik (Naga Chaithanya) and Sunil (Shivarama Krishna) are brothers. Karthik is a mass and brave guy and Shiva is fearful guy. One day, Shivarama Krishna gets a job from Police Department and he is not interested due to his timid activity. Karthik forces him to join and Shiva accepts. He is forces to file a case against Bagga (Ashuthosh Rana), a big Criminal in the city. Later, Bagga wants to take revenge on the Brothers.
      Nandu (Andrea) is the bride of Shivarama Krishna and Pallavi (Thamanna) is her sister, Who later falls in love with Karthik.
       At starting, Shivarama Krishna fails to do his duty with the buddies. Later he changes his timid attitude into  brave attitude. How the two brothers finishes Bagga forms the rest of the story.
Positive Aspects:
  • Naga Chaithanya developed as an actor. He given good performance as a brave and mass guy. His dances and Dialogue delivery are improved. His costumes are good.
  • Sunil given outstanding performance. He did justice to his character and he is one of the major highlight of the movie. His dances are well.
  • Brothers bonding shown well and Heroism at peaks.
  • Thamanna is gorgeous. She is more glamorous ever.
  • Andrea's role is small and she did justice to her character.
  • Ashuthosh Rana is well as a bad ass. He given terrific performance.
  • Comedy is hilarious in the first half. Dialogues written well.
  • Other characters - Jayaprakash Reddy, Raghu Babu, Rama Prabha are ok.
Negative Aspects:
  • Comedy dragged in the second half.
  • Few over action scenes are torturous ever. For example, Naga Chaithanya over takes the Train and the Transformation of sunil character into a Brave guy in an unbelievable manner.
  • The second half is slow when compared to the first half.
  • Excellent Cinematography and Editing.
  • Songs picturized well.
  • SS Thaman's music and BGM's are effective.
  • Kishore Kumar completely succeed in executing and modifying the story.
Finally, Thadaka is a Mass masala Entertainer. It is a well entertainer for Youth. However, Thadaka is not up to the mark of Vettai. Go and Watch it, It's a worth watch!

RATING: 3.25/5